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Popular Topics Chinese Horoscope. Hand Lines Head Line. Marriage Line. Children Line. Palm Reading Types of Hand. House Feng Shui House Building. Basics Feng Shui. Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. Marriage Bazi Matching and Analysis. Marriage matching by Bazi is an old custom which means a man and a woman exchange the birth chart before marriage to check while they are matching by eight characters.

From this, their future marriage life could be reckoned and reasonable suggestions would be put forward to prevent an unhappy marriage and to improve the quality of marriage. What are the basic points of marriage matching by Bazi? Traditionally, year stem is the priority and getting married with someone over 6 years older is not suggested.

For example, if a woman is born in a Horse year, she cannot be matched with a man born in a Rat year - because in Chinese zodiac, Horse belongs to fire while Rat belongs to water, and the two signs are incompatible with each other.

Year pillar belongs to Grandparents Palace and day pillar is the Marriage Palace. Since husband and wife are the basic elements of marriage, it is proved by fate analysis practice that many couples with conflicting stem and branch in year pillars can manage to live together till old age.

But if their stem and branch in day pillars conflict, it is generally hard to live together till old age. As a result, a man and a woman with conflicting stem and branch in day pillars are not suggested to get married, especially if it happens to both sun and moon day pillars in which case the marriage would be in crisis within three years or they even could not get married. So do not take it lightly. If some couples are predicted to have this kind of problem by sun and moon day pillars, the only solution will be asking a qualified six-pillar forecaster for necessary adjustment.

In addition, the pros and cons in both parties' birth chart shall also be matched.BaZi, literally Birth Time Eight Characters, is actually a person's birth date based on the Ganzhi stem-branch calendar - a traditional Chinese calendar that accurately records year, month, day and hour by using heavenly stems and earthly branches.

The stem-branch calendar consists of eight characters, namely year stem, year branch, month stem, month branch, day stem, day branch, hour stem and hour branch. A pair of stem and branch is known as a pillar and Eight Characters consist of year pillar, month pillar, day pillar and hour pillar accordingly, thus Bazi is also called Four Pillars or Four Pillars Eight Characters.

Bazi plays an important role in Chinese folk customs. In ancient China, both Chinese Taoists and astrologers told people's destiny with it.

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Eight Characters of Life, a kind of study that predicts people's career, marriage, fortune, study and health according to the theories of stem-branch calendar, Yin Yang and five elements, and evil spirit, is a time-honored fortune-telling method in China.

Generally, people would use it to tell fortune under the following circumstances: Choose names: this includes choosing a name for baby, company or destiny by combining the eight characters with the power of words.

On a grand occasion, you can choose an auspicious day in combination with Yin Yang and five elements to make it smooth. Destiny: this means the analysis of your personality, year of misfortune, great luck, auspicious day, ups and downs and so on thru your birth chart based on Eight Characters, so that they know how to offense and defense, advance and retreat. Feng Shui: this consists of the Feng Shui of grave, house and shop. The invisible ambient magnetic field and energy can be improved by combining your Eight Characters and five elements with the site involved.

Disabuse: it means the prediction of work, career, fortune, love, marriage, lawsuit, health and other important matters thru eight characters birth chart for right decisions. Remove ill fortune: it means removing ill fortune and improving luck thru Yin Yang and five elements for the purpose of pursuing good fortune and avoiding disaster.

BaZi Chinese names for a family of 3? Popular Topics Chinese Horoscope. Hand Lines Head Line. Marriage Line. Children Line. Palm Reading Types of Hand. House Feng Shui House Building. Basics Feng Shui.

BaZi Calculator and Meaning

Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. Home Chinese Calendar BaZi. BaZi Calculator and Meaning. Full Name.I usually shy away from promoting anything related to this metaphysics sideline of mine, but this is purely an experiment to see if I can reach more people and what I can do to engage more people. Feel free to share one thing you love about your partner in the comments too! Whenever I have consultations, questions from my clients would often revolve around areas of their life which they are most concerned about, or where their deepest desires are.

I have always told my clients that every single aspect of life is important and everything must be in balance. To name a few examples: the healthier you are, the higher the chance of you being able to work towards accumulating wealth ; the happier your marriage, the smoother your career will be.

You will notice that successful men and women have very good marriages, and they treat their spouses really, really well. They treat their partners with love and respect, and they simply know why they are together. To these people, a marriage or relationship is not about them filling a void or to fend off the fear of loneliness. So what exactly does this have to do with BaZi?

BaZi can be seen as a very philosophical study of how nature works. Your BaZi chart is a description of cause-and-effect, your inner world and how you interact with the world around you, because we are all the product of nature.

Just start doing something and you will realize that both areas will take care of itself, and you will have both a successful life and wonderful career. The successful people are the ones who are not trapped in this paradox.

All these things affect how we view and deal with relationships, which very likely plays a part in us ending up with the wrong kind of partner.

Metaphysics is not a magical cure and you can not artificially change your chart. The only way is to transcend your chart is to start with self-awareness and to make better decisions. I can only give my opinions, but to take that first step is really up to the client.

Habits are hard to break. If you can consistently make good decisions, you will definitely be happier and become successful.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, esp the linkage of treating spouse well to appreciating other intangibles in life which is part of a mindset that defines what success and wealth is.

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BaZi Marriage For Money

I hope you enjoy your stay here and find my articles refreshing and enlightening. If you're a Chinese metaphysics enthusiast, I hope my blog can guide you towards the right path and approach for this field so that the falsehoods can stop and people will no longer be harmed by the misapplication of this field.

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PY on May 9, at am. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. About Me. Subscribe To My Blog! Think Critically. Enjoy what you're reading?Very often men hope to find a good wife while a lady would wanted the same. Traditionally and perhaps till today in most cultures which still practices, man are the head of the family.

Thus wife is always to follow husband. It is also reflected in Bazi the art of Chinese Astrology.

Divorce Bazi Case Study

Astrology or Bazi is one good tool to help identify what makes up a good or compatible wife based on ancient values. The method is very easy, just look for a lady spouse palace for one of these 3 gods which is the Direct Officer, Direct Wealth or a Direct Resource.

You can view the below example. Under this theory, only Wu, Ji, Gui and Ren day masters. Direct Resource. Finally if you could not find a DO or DW in the spouse, a direct resource will also work well.

The reason is Resource star means comfortable and especially true when it is the Direct Resource. This could translate to the lady being pampered by the husband. This is also a very rare formation since only 4 day master will ever have it.

So with this you will have all the 10 day masters covered and once you know what is your day master, you can just look for the Day Pillar to pick up your girl as your future perfect wife. I wish life is just that simple and plain. Marriage Bazi is about compatibility between 2 charts. When I say chart, it means the entire Bazi Chart or 4 Pillars. View all posts by Real Feng Shui Master. Direct Officer. Direct officer in the study of 10 Gods is also known as the husband star thus it is desirable to have it in the spouse palace so the marriage is supposed to be good.

If you do not have a DO, a wealth star is also usable according to this method. Avril Lavigne Bazi has DR in the spouse palace So with this you will have all the 10 day masters covered and once you know what is your day master, you can just look for the Day Pillar to pick up your girl as your future perfect wife. Share this: Share Facebook Email Twitter. Like this: Like Loading Published by Real Feng Shui Master.

Post to Cancel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.Marriage and Spouse palace. The star sitting at the spouse palace does not neccesary be the spouse stars. It can be any stars.

Different stars will have different effects on our relationship with our spouse. If your BaZi chart shows that you have more than one marriage or have multiple affairs, you still need the right time Ta Yun and years in order for that incidents to happen. If you do not have the right timing, it will not happened.

And of course, if your chart has the symptoms, the chances for it to happen are much higher as compare to those without the indications. It also tell you the quality of spouse you may have. It also show whether your relationship is good and harmony; stressful or unhappy. The Spouse Palace should be intact and strong so that the palace is solid and stable. Any form of disturbance is not good. These include all the 5 types of Earthly Branch relationships: a.

And remember when reading BaZi always take into consideration both Stars and Palaces.

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For marriage and relationship always look at spouse palace and spouse stars. It is very wrong if you just concentrate on only spouse palace and ignore spouse stars or the vice-versa. Now take an example. She was born on 21 December Chart 1. About her chart. More than one spouse stars. Knowing the opposite gender is not a problem. Her spouse palace is unstable and her relationship with her spouse is stressful. Chart 2. The year she signed her divorce papers. She was divorced in InSpouse star appered.Before I move on, I wish to make the definition of compatibility very clear.

A couple may have affinity with each other, but they may not be compatible. Likewise, two people may be compatible, but may not end up together. The above two chart-holders used to be a couple. This is a case of high affinity but low compatibility.

To expect one person to transcend his or her chart is already rare enough, but to expect two people or a couple to do it is even more so. The logic behind the analysis of the combined charts should not contradict.

It describes the unfolding of the laws that govern your life yes, but there is still free will at play. The important question to ask is asking and exploring why you got yourself into a toxic relationship.

Is it because you have a side that needs healing? Or that you hold some unhealthy beliefs of what a relationship should be like.

bazi marriage

The more important question — are you going to try? There are a few ways of doing this. The technique itself is correct but there are still several other factors to look out for during the application. To name a few steps:. You can let me know your thoughts in the comments below and we can have a discussion about it. It really depends on what the objective is.

I love using both methods. In order to deepen my understanding of metaphysics and astrology when I first started out, I developed the habit of analyzing both the BaZi and ZiWeiDouShu chart of my clients concurrently and this practice has stuck ever since. Both methods have their pros and cons. BaZi gives a quick, accurate overview of things, but sacrifices a bit on the details. ZiWeiDouShu is able to go into more detail, but drawing the conclusion takes significantly more time and effort.

Remember, every aspect of our life is interconnected. If your health suffers, your career suffers. When your career suffers, your marriage suffers. Practitioners can already draw: several insights based on your chart alone. Our BaZi and Zi Wei Dou Shu chart in a description of our karma in a way, and some of us do go through relationship ordeals in order to learn and grow.

At the end of the day, metaphysics is not about forecasting and predicting random events that will happen to you — it was never about that. Metaphysics is the wisdom of living, which encompasses self-awareness and personal growth.

You can find some of them here. There is always a technique and logic behind the analysis and I hope I managed to demystify it a little. You will be able to get insights on your love life just by looking at your own chart. Does that mean she will like him more than he likes her?

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That strong Earth needs metal. How did you come to the conclusion that the female chart is a strong Water chart? Have u came across couples asking for wedding date but the charts do not look positive for them?

bazi marriage

Yes, I have of course. Your email address will not be published. A very warm welcome!Why do ancient Chinese parents wants to read the Bazi of their future son or daughter in law and match it to their children? This is because they believe that being foretold is to prevent simply because human is actionable being and not a tree.

While we may not able about everything, we can certainly minimize the impact of the problems. In Chinese philosophy, there is a saying:. Meeting the Wrong Person at the Wrong time brings Disaster.

Meeting the Right Person at the Wrong time brings Regret. Many people are suffering in silence after years in marriage and seeking family counseling, some go for religious counseling, some turn to radio programs to vent their frustrations and of course friends and Bazi Consultant too are not spared. Thus you can imagine the impact of that decision.

bazi marriage

One may marry a rich husband but he is a bully! One also may wonder, before marriage he was a nicest man on earth but now he is a different person. That is because in Bazi there are 3 ways to tell the quality of the spouse. The 2 most commonly known method are the Spouse Palace and the Direct Officer.

This is a Chart of women who married a husband and found out later that he was only after her money.

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In BaZi Astrology this can be seen from her chart. If she has already known about it way before marriage, perhaps it would be other options that she could have chosen. Just move on and find a solution to resolve the matter. Accept what is given and life can be less an agony. Our current destiny is to some large extent a reflection of our past Karmic account. The key clue is in your BaZi but how to access the quality of the marriage and quality of the spouse?.

bazi marriage

With the appropriate knowledge and understanding of Destiny, we can then formulate the right actions to re-correct the mistakes we have done.

Destiny is not fixed, it can be altered but the alteration needs time and effort as well on top of the right understanding. However, to avoid a problem before it happens versus correcting the problem after it has happened is like a difference between carrying 1 kg versus 30 kg.

In the above chart has already can see why this lady will likely have a husband who only loves her money but what lead her to this predicament? It is because she is seldom does her due diligence. She is a person who is quick to make decisions and appears gullible when it comes to accessing human beings or relationships.

She put her focus into work so much and making the money but in the end, the hard work ended up giving her more heart ache. She should also watch her actions and words so as not to hurt the spouse. She should stay calm and not get on the nerves too easily. The Spouse Palace has the Goat element which will accentuate this. Sometimes what is destined for us, it is going to happen and there are no shortcuts in life such as lucky charms etc. We just have to go through it. The difference is that if the person had some idea about her destiny, then perhaps the outcome is less painful emotionally for her.

The next best cushion life has to offer is using Feng Shui. At least this is the traditional Chinese view.

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